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Daeyoung Kang

M.S. Student



  • September 2018 - Present: M.S. Student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, GIST
  • March 2014 - February 2018: B.S. major in Electrical Information Engineering, Seoul National University of Science and Technology

International Conference Papers

  • Hannie Zang, Sunyong Kim, Daeyoung Kang, and Hyuk Lim, "Peak demand reduction using energy storage system for demand response," ACM BuildSys - Poster Session, New York, NY, USA, November 13-14, 2019.

Domestic Conference Papers

  • 강대영, 장한이, 김선용, 김요한, 임혁, "수요반응 참여를 위한 빌딩 통합 에너지 정보 시스템," 한국통신학회 동계종합학술발표회, 용평리조트, 2020.2.5-7.
  • 김선용, 강대영, 장한이, 임혁, "빌딩의 수요반응 참여를 위한 프리셋 기반 전력운용 시스템," 한국통신학회 동계종합학술발표회, 용평리조트, 2019.1.23-25.
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